Innovative Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment Technology

In the field of applications, Baumot Group offers comprehensive products and solutions for exhaust gas aftertreatment through the subsidiaries Baumot AG and Twintec Technologie GmbH.

This segment comprises economical, reliable and future-proof system solutions especially for the Retrofit and Aftermarket business segments, with an increasing focus on OEM and Tier I suppliers. The group offers systems for customers in the on-road, off-road and other industries such as maritime.

On the following pages you will find a detailed description of selected products and systems of the group.

The Baumot Group offers the following products:


Baumot Group
Baumot AG
Abgasnachbehandlungssysteme für Nachrüstung & Aftermarket
Die Ideenfabrik GmbH
Twintec Technologie GmbH
Abgasnachbehandlungssysteme für Nachrüstung & Aftermarket